Saturday, July 31, 2010

Miracle Tape is finally here..

One month ago we decided it’s about time to paint our hallways of our condo. We had moved in last year and never wanted to paint because neither of us like to, so we put it off for quite sometime.  I bought the blue painters tape and taped all the baseboards and thought I was doing a great job until after the paint job was over and I took the tape off.  It was a horrible mess. Paint had seeped underneath the tape and left bad drip marks.
I was not amused and just left the bad marks thinking if we have company no one will hopefully notice. Then the other day on the radio I had heard about this new tape called: Frog Tape which they claim that the paint will not soak through.  So I am interested to try it.
I found a page called NiceDwells and they are having a giveaway for this very same green tape. Plus their website is awesome. I never liked to decorate much and thought I would leave it up to the pros but after reading a few of the articles I think I might be able to do some on my own.

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