Monday, August 9, 2010

Let Your Inner Child Come Out

Who in their right mind doesn't love crafty things made by yourself or ETSY crafters.  Why not invest in beautiful handmade items to support small businesses that are trying to make a dime? I would and have and love everything ETSY. The work that people put into their craft is amazing.

I am writing this post because CraftGossip is having this fabulous giveaway to win some serious shopping money just for our ETSY in us. Here is a "wish list" that I would love to win... Join me on this fantastic journey through my eyes.

I collect anything wooden. I enjoy the feel and smell of fine wood and love to display my collection around my home. This European Pear Trinket Box by Ossian would be a fabulous piece to add.

My love of wallets is pretty profound these days. I am not woman who carries a purse so I have to have something stylish in my back pocket. This would be a great addition already stylish wallet collection. Necktie Billfold 

Pottery Pottery Pottery I love Pottery! I love it, buy it and always ask for it for Christmas. I however could never throw it. I have always wanted a Ceramic Spoon Rest. I am tired of not knowing where to put my utensils when I am cooking. This would save a lot of hassles.

What a fun way to shop around and find something you really would like. I can't wait to go back today and so some more "wish list" finds for the holidays. 

Stop by CraftGossip and Etsy and make your dreams a reality too.


Steph said...

Thank you for becoming a follower on my blog! I have been twirling baton, now teaching it, since the age of 5, and the group I'm with has been like a second family to me over the years.
I saw this contest too, not sure if I'll enter or not, but good luck to you! It's an awesome contest/giveaway! :)

R. Scott Shanks, Jr. said...

You say the sweetest things.

Scott, of Ossian on Etsy