Monday, August 9, 2010

Big Shout out to JC

I don't talk about my personal life here much due to so many things going on that I don't really have time to. But tonight I will sit here and share with you the exciting news about JC.

I have never met JC nor have I spoken with him on the phone. I however have written him numerous times over the last 4 years and feel as if he is my son. This is a very complicated story and because of fear of his mother running away with him to spite his father I can't tell you all of it. We just found him after a long time of looking for him. Actually JC is the one that emailed our company address and because I didn't quite know him I spammed his email. Thank goodness I never deleted my trash folder.

JC is 14 years old and basically lives in Denver's Children Hospital with cancer. But the great news is.....he had a bone marrow transplant and his body has not rejected it yet. It really saddens me that we can't be there with him to celebrate his joy, fears, and accomplishments. His mother is on vacation right now and it would be the perfect opportunity. 

It really is sad. I have a son who I can't cuddle, or spoil, or just say I love you in spoken words. His mother doesn't spend or has ever spent a single day with him while in the hospital. He relies on a very good friends mom to step in to take on that role.

Please say a prayer for JC. Keep in your thoughts. Hopefully one day soon I can meet him. Until that time we converse over the computer through emails and while it is hard it's the best for right now.

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