Friday, July 30, 2010


On April 5th 2009 I entered a giveaway & won on Momfuse for a personalized, hand-written letters that are sent to your elderly loved ones on a once-a-month basis for an entire year. The program also includes a birthday card and gift and a year-end Holiday card and gift.  Letters-from-the-Heart offers such a wonderful opportunity for almost anyone who would like or know someone who could use a friend. I submitted this as my entry:

I would like to win why: I have a 94 year old grandmother that is living in an assisted living home and who has basically given up hope. She is one of the more healthy ones in there. She can see, hear, and still get around with the help of a walker but has been having difficulty walking and eating due to her “old age” I suppose. She however is still clever as a whip. Her spirits have been low the last couple of years and she tends to isolate herself in her room.

Terry contacted me and we spoke about the things my grandmother enjoys and other personal information to tailor this to just her. My grandmother started to receive letters on beautiful paper. One thing that captures my eye was that she didn't type these letters. They were beautiful cursive writing. We have kept all of the letters and enjoy them over and over again. 

I would like to personally thank Terry Rose for such a wonderful service. Please take a look at her website and remember someone in your life might enjoy Letters-from-the-Heart.


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