Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Obsessions with Jewel Quest Blitz

This delightful game on Facebook has sucked my in every night about this time runs me dry, I sit for hours trying to out score not just myself but other people. As I write this I am very tired. I took my sleeping pills two hours ago and I should be in bed snoring away. But oh no, I play this game over and over and even am so obsessed about it, instead of counting sheep in my sleep I count the jewels and how am I going to match them as fast as I can so I can get a big score at the end.


I probably go on and on how to play it but try it out for yourself and then come back here and report to me what you thought of it and do you like it as much as I do?
What is the fascination with games like theses? I spend most of my day and night playing time management games such as Retail Therapy, Cafe World, Farm Town, and so on and so forth.
It's really just a big waste of time. or is it?

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